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 he vertical mycenean loom (Ancient Greek «istos»)

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PostSubject: he vertical mycenean loom (Ancient Greek «istos»)   Tue Aug 11, 2009 1:23 pm

Details taken from the Chiusi cup. Function of warps taken from the Pristicci crater. Arrangement of loomweights taken from the New York lekythos.
The loom is composed by 4 «istopodes» or «keleontes», upon which the «antion» (the upper horinzontal cylindrical wooden beam) is fixed. From it the «stimon» (the threads) and the «kairos» (the lower horizontal cylindrical wooden beam) are hanged. «Agnythes» (clay, stone or lead loomweights, in the shape of a pyramid) were tied on the lower part of the warps, to keep them straight. The knitting of the warps was made with the aid of the «mitos», e.g. the loops of the «kanon», the small horizontal cylindrical beam working alternately to and fro and letting the ball of thread pass between the warps. The weaving was made upwards and the cloth was wrapped around the «antion». The loom was reconstructed by students of the Krestena Gymnasium, in the Technology laboratory of the school, in order to produce Hera’s peplos for the «revival of Heraia», therefore it bears the inscription «to Hera potnia» written in Linear B. For its construction much pictorial information drawn by 23 ancient decorated vases, sometimes controversial, was used.
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he vertical mycenean loom (Ancient Greek «istos»)
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