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PostSubject: Introduction   Introduction EmptyMon Oct 20, 2008 6:08 pm

Please do not afraid of registering. It is not necessary to give personal information Arrow
you can also discuss about problems there are to my blog.
Any corrections suggested are considerable!!!!!! Very Happy

Also check out our forum's RPG & raise your player...........
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction   Introduction EmptyThu Nov 05, 2009 8:35 pm

These are the rules that you must respect in order to be a member of our forum

1) The only languages permitted in posts are English and Greek. Unless there is full accompanying translation, posts in other languages will be deleted so as not to exclude others. If your post is partially in other language, that part will be removed.
2) All Arguments, discussion and opinions are welcome. Any posts which go off-topic and personally address or insult another member will be deleted and you will be issued with a warning. Vulgarity in relation to one's person/ ethnicity/ religion etc. is prohbited. Stay on-topic, address the subject; not eachother personally.
3) Provide a link and acknowledge the exact source if you post something you yourself have not written. Avoid long copy and pasting sessions.
4) Do not directly link racist and propagandistic websites. Instead, in order to acknowledge the source of something, insert the link into code. The code button is located to the right of the quote button.
5) Any abuse of the 'Location' option by a forum user, such vulgarity or delibertate provocation of the kind referred to in rule #4, will be deleted and a warning issued.
6) Any alteration of another user's username when quoting that person is not allowed and warnings will be given to those that do so. If a user wishes to not quote another user's exact name then they must not quote any username at all (rather than altering it in any way).Lets keep this Civilized. This is supposed do be an discussion forum and not a shouting match. You can do that somewhere else. Please avoid getting into useless back and forth antagonistic methods of posting with other members. As passionate or emotional you might be about a subject, try to be as objective and rational with the goal being real discussion.
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